The Long Jump

Here is what I assume. I assume there is a strong relation between the sprint and the long jump. Looking at results of the Pentathlon competition, I noticed that the dudes who won the 200 m also placed high in the long jump.

How does that relate to me? Well, I run the 200 m one second slower than my competitors, at least for now. But through my soccer days, I know a bit about acceleration. I do not know a bit about long jumping techniques. But I show you something:

Iwill also show you the wonderful ways of jumping long. Let's start with the Run Style

And the evenly spectacular Hang Style Technique:

As seen, that seems to be something that can be learned and I will set out to master the Long Jump! My goal is a distance of 4.80 m, by the way. I will keep you informed regarding my journey to perfection!

Mens sana in corpore sano? Still, I doubt it.