Bargain House

Septemer 10 , 2010


A recent look at the house from across the street.


Yet another look...


Picture perfect from across the street


It starts to look like a home... resting dogs.

9251 9256 9254 9252 9257


And a dude reading his book.

Sleeper Sofa: very old. Rocker Chair: 1880's. Furniture Cart: Old


Lighting fixture: brand new


Yes, it's large but the table is 10' long.


This is how multi event athletes travel!

XIX NCCWMA Campeonato Regional Masters De Atletismo

September 6 , 2010


The stadium in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico is brand new, just a wonderful facility.


This board will light up with national flags over the coming days.


Ran into Earl Fee, who made this foto.


First day of competition, first American gold medal.


The pentathles after the competition.


Getting ready for the medal ceremony.


On the way to the medal stand.


And the first gold medal of the regional championships of the Caribbean, Middle America and North America within the World Masters Association.




With champion Ozzie Binion to the medal stand.


Ozzie Binion after a good race, ready for his gold medal.


The Amercian flag in front of a sunset in honor of Ozzie B.


The Ozz man and me.


Ozzie is a great guy!


Ready for the gold medal in the javelin throw.


With medal and flag after the javelin throw.


Facing the flag, national anthem... the whole thing.


Our M 60 relay team won two gold medals.


M 60 gold medal relay team with results in the background. Click to enlarge!


Earl Fee after his 200 m high hurldes world record.


Me and the big dudes after the weight (20 lbs.) throw.


On the medal stand after the weight throw.


The real winner, Omar Diaz Del Castillo of Panama was a guest at the event.


The skinny dude and the biker...


Again, Omar won the weight pentathlon but as a guest, he could not displace an athlete from the region.


That's why we both received gold medals, me, for the best score from an athlete in the region, Omar for the best score, period.


The deserving winner of the weight pentathlon on the gold medal stand.


Two gold medal winners in the weight pentathlon.


Bob Cahners, US, M 65 winner, Omar Diaz Del Castillo, M 60 best score, gold medal, me, best score in the region, gold medal...


The discus competition was decided with my last throw... gold medal


Folding the flag after the ceremony.


Warren Graff to Ozzie Binion in the 4 x 400 m relay... the team is fighting for the gold medal.


Warren with the stick with the flame in the background.


A relaxed Warren Graff, ready to rumble.


Omar and the Panama Kid on the medal stand.


This is how multi event athletes travel!


This is how multi event athletes...


This is how multi event...


This is how multi...


This is how...


This is...




For lunch at the Horned Dorset Nest.


This is how multi event athletes should travel!

Bargain House

August 1 , 2010

Bargain House

August 1 , 2010







US National Masters Championship, Sacramento, CA

July 22 , 2010

This is how multi event athletes travel!

Here are the suitcases of Doc Richard Watson, multi event athlete

Viddy Jermancans of Australia throwing the javelin. Bob Baker & myself trying to learn Australian technique.


From left to right, Neil Schuster, Gordon Reiter, Vance Jacobson, 3dr place M 60, Stefan Waltermann, 2nd place M 60, Viddy Jermancans, Australia & Bob Baker (injured)

Unfortunately, Bob Baker could not finish due to injury. Otherwise, Bob would have been National Champion 2010, I'm sure of it.

Ducks @ Wilbur Hot Springs

"A uniquely charming and rustic hotel resort situated on 1800 acres of a natural preserve in Northern California"

The Old Springs. Well, it used to be uniquely charmed...

Michael Carter, walking in 110 F to the hot tubs.

Late afternoon in Calistoga. Time to open a serious bottle of wine.


Actually, we started with a beer from the Calistoga Inn micro brewery.

I look over Michael's shoulder and he protects his food!

Three happy dudes drinking, dining and solving the world's problems.


Bargain House

July 17 , 2010





Bargain House

June 25 , 2010

Just get your kicks...

Joplin, MO

June 18 , 2010

US Masters Decathlon Championships,

Joplin, MO

June 18 , 2010

The M 60 gang with M 65 guests Joe Johnston and Jim Shoemaker

From left to right, Jim Shoemaker, 3rd M 65, John Hawkins, Canada, M 60, 6678 points, overall winner, Stefan W., M 60, Randell Olson, 3rd Place M 60, Joe Johnston, National Champion M 65, Bob Baker, National Champion M 60, Norman Hough, 2nd place M 60



Randell Olson, 3rd Place M 60 with his well deserved bronce medal


Bob Baker, National Champion M 60 fighting off leg cramps after the 1,500 m.



"Jumping Joe" Johnston, National Champion M 65 taking it easy under the medical tend.


Proud and happy me after the 1500 m!


Yes, this is a fishing hut, very much needed in 100 plus F weather...



Bargain House

June 18 , 2010

Southeastern Masters Championships,

Raleigh, NC

I went to Raleigh on Thursday afternoon. Took it easy.
I went to Raleigh on Thursday afternoon. Took it easy.
Of course, you still are competing against the point score but being alone in an age group takes away the edge.

If you are interested in these things, just read my blog @

Bargain House

June 11 , 2010

Bargain House

June 4 , 2010

Queen City Pentathlon
Joel Lisles was there. He wanted revenge for the Georgia Championships...
Unfortunately, Joel was slightly injured but the dude is a fighter. He pushed and pushed and pushed.
And pushed me to a wonderful total of 3,050 points.
And such a point total means good individual event scores. I'm happy...

Bargain House

May 28, 2010

Unifour Senior Games

May 19, 2010

The Unifour Senior Games were scheduled for Monday, May 17 but were rained out. Two days later we went at it.

I knew that I had to keep it easy. After all, three days later I needed to be ready for the pentathlon in Charlotte.

Still, seven events in three hours are hard, more so when you get carried away!

Smiling after the 800 m. Started slow and hammered the last 100 m in 13 seconds.

Starting the 400 m race hard and fast

and relaxing on the straight while preparing to push at the 300 m mark.

Traphill Bargain House

May 16, 2010

A look into the rafters on the new main beam!

Upstairs, the rafters and a new main beam, running the full length of the building.

Another shot of the new main beam...

Upstairs, the windows are covered. The good old wood is moved to one side. Newer wood will cover the other side.


I really like the colors of the old and the new main beam against the dark old pine. It will be a beauty.

Well yes, it is still a wark in progress!

Nicely done, it really starts to look like a gem!

While upstairs, we're still at it!


Traphill Bargain House

May 09, 2010

The side is still fully covered. We are waiting for the new windows. The remaining window is the only original that will stay in place!

Mona Lisa came along for a visit and a critical look at the place.

Mona is checking out the place.

The J.S. Kilby Store from the other side of the street.


This is the very last remaining open sport (for now).

All windows are covered. Should be delivered next week, we hope.

This is a construction zone, worse than it ever was. This week, it took a creative mind to see what's going on.


Traphill Bargain House

May 2, 2010

What a difference a week makes! Now, the old lady is only missing a few teeth. The face lift is almost complete. According to Kevin, Botox is out of the question, however. We want the lady to look her age!

The Bargain House is getting better than it ever was...

North side insulation is shown here.

And this is the south side with the windows covered and the door hanging in mid-air. Almost finished!

Kevin's secret stain shown here

and here.

Whereas the chimney side needs more loving care and a lot of work.

Well, yes, the chimney will have to be taken down sooner or later. Taken down and rebuilt with the same stones, that is.

Here is a closer look at the insulation on the second floor. Getting there.

Susan Pasch contemplating interior design and the layout for the upstairs bathroom.

Don't get me wrong. It still looks like a construction zone but everything is coming together.

Outside of the funky light fixture meister's place. Sue is hard at work with the meister, I'm so bored I'm starting to make photos of the scenery.

My old car fits right in the old neighborhood.

High noon at the light meister. I'm even more bored and hungry, too.

Traphill Bargain House
We went to the old store in Traphill to look at the progress. The log whisperer is hard at work but the poor building looks rather sorry these days. But then, there are little spots of beauty. It will all be good, I'm certain.

The Bargain House is missing a few teeth but dental surgery will do wonders.

J.S. Kilby would have scratched his ass. What is that stuff anyway? Part of the insulation, old boy.

This side has been hit hardest by the weather and by wood eating monsters. It needs a good old fixin' I've been told.

The 'good' wood on the inside wall is beautiful. Kevin is doing his very best to have the new wood match it. I'm afraid it will be difficult.

A black snake lives up there. Her living space has been temporary cut down by a few square meters. Sorry about that, snake.

This old place surely looks like a construction site today.

If the new supporting structure in the basement will hold up as long at the old did, the Bargain House will stand for another 100 years. Guaranteed.

This is the glimpse of beauty, I'm talking about. I really like it.

Just imagine we could get all sections of the ceiling to look like this! Beautiful.

And imagine we could get the floor to match the ceiling. Man, that would be it.

Mr. & Mrs. Kilby, what do you think about the project?

Traphill USATF Georgia Masters Championships

A much better weekend. It looks like I arrived in the M 60 age group. As always, Jim & Joyce Hite did a wonderful job and we had a good time in the South.

It takes dedicated people like Jim Hite to run a good meet. Athletes should be a bit more appreciative of organizers and officials.

Joel Lilles will be 65 in a few months. He placed second in the pentathlon with about 2,780 points to my first place with 2,950 points. Clearly, Joel is the better athlete. In between the pentathlon events, he triple jumped, long hurdled, short hurdled, sprinted the 100 & 200... maybe he did more, I lost count.

I feel better now. Without the heat and the dangerously high pollen count, I would have broken 3,000 points in the pentathlon. I simply know it. Still, All American was my goal, and All American it is.

Charlotte Invitational House

April 10, 2010


This was the first competition in the M 60 age group. At the end, I thought I might take up golf but then, the discus throw of 33.95 m was not that bad. I thought I could do better in the javelin, 34.46 m does not cut it. The real disappointment was in the long jump. I felt a slight muscle pull in the first jump and that one was a foul. All the following jumps were bad, real, real bad. Still, I kept the photos to remember how bad it was!
Traphill Bargain House
The Traphill Bargain House was built around 1880 as a General Store and Post Office for the historic town of Traphill, NC. The store served the community until the 1970's. Later, the building was used as the town library. We bought the building in 2010. It will be restored in accordance with the recommendations of the North Carolina Historic Preservation Office. And used as a mountain home for us and all our friends. Check out the Stone Mountain State Park in Wilkes County, North Carolina!


This was the Bargain House in 2005.


This was our first look at the Bargain House in December of 2009.


The mighty old chimney in December of 2009.


The building at the start of the restoration in March of 2010.


The building at the start of the restoration in March of 2010.


The restoration brain trust, Ms. Susan Pasch & Kevin Thomas, the log whisperer. The floor is sand covered from the sandblasting of the walls!.


The restoration process in progress. Looks wild, is wild.


The old siding is being taken down. The new siding will be raw cut as well and stained to exactly resemble the old stuff!